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Coming to theaters in Arizona: Awake! The documentary on the life of Paramahansa Yogananda
We are very excited to announce the theatrical release of the award winning documentary, AWAKE: The Life of Yogananda, produced by CounterPoint Films, which will begin showing in Arizona on October 31st. This film includes dozens of interviews with yogis, spiritual leaders, scientists, and entertainment legends - a diverse group of seekers who all have found life-changing inspiration from Paramahansaji's teachings. Showtimes for Phoenix and Tucson are presented below. This will be a rare opportunity to view the movie in theaters. Showing for one week only. For more information on screening times and where to purchase tickets, we invite you to visit

Phoenix, AZ Tucson, AZ
509 S. Mill Ave.
Tempe, AZĀ  85281
(5th St. & Mill Ave.)

NOVEMBER 7-13, 2014
SHOWTIMES: 2:20/4:25/6:30/8:35
Consult your local listings
3233 E Speedway Blvd.
Tucson, AZ 85716

Consult your local listings

AWAKE: The Life of Yogananda is an unconventional biography about the Hindu Swami who brought yoga and meditation to the West in the 1920s. Paramahansa Yogananda authored the spiritual classic "Autobiography of a Yogi," which has sold millions of copies worldwide and is a go-to book for seekers, philosophers and yoga enthusiasts today. (Apparently, it was the only book that Steve Jobs had on his iPad.) By personalizing his own quest for enlightenment and sharing his struggles along the path, Yogananda made ancient Vedic teachings accessible to a modern audience, attracting many followers and inspiring the millions who practice yoga today.

Free parking announced (Valley Art Theater in Tempe location)
We have made arrangements with the Tempe Valley Art Theater to have your parking ticket validated at two parking garages when you go to see AKAKE:
  1. The Brickyard Parking Garage for 3-hour free parking; with entry access on 6th street or 7th street

  2. Tempe City Hall Parking Garage for 4-hour free parking; with entry access on 5th Street (across from the Tempe Police Department).
PLEASE NOTE that free parking will not be honored on Saturday November 8, the second day of the showing. There will be a big football game in Tempe, ASU vs. Notre Dame. This means both parking garages and surrounding parking facilities and lots will be charging $10. It is recommended that AWAKE moviegoers should use an alternative mode of transportation on that day.
  1. The Tempe "Orbit" - small transportation busses used to connect Tempe residential areas to shopping and event destinations. This is a "free" service. Please visit the Tempe Orbit Website for details.

  2. The Tempe Light Rail system. The fare is $2.00 one way, or $4.00 round trip. Please visit the Tempe Light Rail website for details.

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