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February 2017
Inspirational Story
One of my favorite aspects of the Guru-disciple relationship is that of the guru as the divine friend. I have found over the years that the Guru has an amazing sense of humor, and that he loves to play with us. This short sweet experience is one of those dear moments with my divine friend.
This story takes place in the spring of 2016. I had been to the temple service that morning and the topic was, "The Guru's Omnipresence." Bramachari Lynn had given an inspiring talk about how the Guru is always near. My heart was singing with devotion.
Then as I got into my car to head home I remembered that I had promised myself that I would stop at the Desert Ridge shopping mall to buy some needed clothing. Ugh! I hate shopping I thought. But remembering the service I reminded myself of Guru's omnipresence. I had only to think him near.
But as I turned into the shopping mall I thought, Guru can't really be here in this materialistic environment. Surely he can't. Then, because I am somewhat of a rascal, I started talking to Gurudev in a teasing way. "Guruji, are you at Target? At Petsmart? At Office Max? At DSW Shoes?" Finally I arrived at my destination, Kohl's department store. I got out of my car, ready to face the dreaded materialistic mall. But what I heard next was truly a humbling surprise. I heard Master's voice!! No, I was not hallucinating. Someone was sitting in a parked car, and was listening, at a very high volume, to one of Master's CDs. It was a lovely spring day so the person had their windows rolled down. I almost fell to the asphalt parking lot in gales of laughter. "OK Master, I get it! You are omnipresent!"
Some may say, "What a random, odd coincidence." But I know in my heart that it was my beloved divine friend who knows our every thought and feeling, as he whispers, "Hello playmate, I am here." Jai Guru!

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