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January 2017
Inspirational Story
On Thursday evening, during Master’s birthday commemoration service, you mentioned how Guruji protects all of us without our always knowing it. I had an interesting experience, a Master Moment or Master’s Magic Moment, on that day before the Commemorative Service. I bought flowers on Sunday in advance for Thursday evening (since I was planning to stay home for most of the week because I was off work). On Thursday morning I looked at the flowers and I was not sure if they looked fresh enough to bring. I wrapped them in a ribbon and put them back in the water. Within about an hour, the flowers significantly drooped over so I knew I needed to go to the store - I decided to go to the store later in the day. Around 5:40pm, as I headed to the grocery store to buy fresh flowers, I saw the tire pressure light was lit on my dashboard. Since time was kind of tight, I thought maybe I could just wait until the next day to have my tires checked at Discount Tire. Upon further thought, I just “knew” I needed to go straight to Discount Tire which was only open for 20 more minutes.
When I got there, the worker told me I had a flat tire (2 screws were imbedded in one of the back tires) and there was only 6, instead of 30, pounds of pressure in it. I told the attendant that I almost didn't stop in and would have gone on the freeway with my car to go to the Temple. And he said that I would have had a blow out. So that is my story of how Master protected me on his birthday! What a wonderful present!

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